People Killed by Police in the US

A database of people killed by police, searchable by state, ethnicity, and other characteristics.

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The Counted: A Guardian investigation revealed the true number of people killed by law enforcement, told the stories of who they were, and established the trends in how they died. The US government responded

Ferguson, Mo Activists are Dying and it’s Time to Ask Questions

May 5, 2017, The Root: In order to bring justice to Crawford, his family and the entire Black Lives Movement, it’s about time we started asking tough questions about their deaths. As the day goes on and more details trickle out, it doesn’t make it any easier to determine the cause of Crawford’s death, which opens the door to fear, speculation and, potentially, belief that it’s a conspiracy. Why would Crawford, a father of four who, according to his family, appeared to be in high spirits after getting a new job, just kill himself in his car?

Tamir Rice and the color of Fear

December 31, 2015, New York Times: On Monday, two officers were cleared of any criminal wrongdoing for killing Tamir Rice, a 12-year-old who had been playing in a Cleveland park with a toy gun. A 911 caller reported that Rice was waving the gun at people, although he allowed that Rice was probably “a juvenile,” the gun “probably fake.” A dispatcher did not relay this part of the message, and surveillance footage shows Officer Timothy Loehmann hopping out of a skidding cruiser and shooting Rice twice before the car fully stops