‘White Nationalism,’ Explained by the New York Times 11/21/2016

This article does an okay job explaining the concept, but it feels way too sympathetic to the white nationalists. It needed a paragraph that said why this way of thinking evolves into white supremacist policies.

It needed to make the connection that once a person adopts a whites first belief system, they use white supremacist tactics and language to enact it. Which then fuels racial tension and hate crimes.

If those dots are not connected by journalists, there is a real risk in Trump voters just adopting the term white nationalist and spending way more time on these newly legitimized white supremacist trash magazines that are becoming media outlets because they keep making headlines in news with real journalists.

The appointment of Steve Bannon was a way for Trump to get his own media echo chamber built, so he will have a place to seem reasonable to this base once he completely shuts out journalists with actual ethical standards. Trump is building a new propaganda machine, and white nationalism does not need any air time.